Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis, arena combat for 1-4 players

Created by Nocturnal Media

Each gladiator has a unique card deck in this huge board game where historical accuracy meets thrilling tabletop tactics & action.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

GQR Has Arrived!
over 6 years ago – Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:03:24 PM

Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis has finally arrived at the warehouse. A box of the game has also landed at my doorstep:

All the components: board, cards, counters and rulebook.
All the components: board, cards, counters and rulebook.
Front and back of the game box.
Front and back of the game box.
Inside the box. There's plenty of room to store the extra cards from extra decks like the Famous Gladiators.
Inside the box. There's plenty of room to store the extra cards from extra decks like the Famous Gladiators.
Yes, the counter sheet looks to the future by including things like lions and bears!
Yes, the counter sheet looks to the future by including things like lions and bears!

Thanks very much for your patience and support. I'll now finalize fulfillment shipping to all of you!

Please Complete Your Surveys
over 6 years ago – Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 09:04:01 PM

These will soon be in your hands!
These will soon be in your hands!

BackerKit Surveys

GQR is US-bound and many of you still need to complete your surveys so I know for certain where to send your game and/or PDFs! If you have not completed your survey through BackerKit, then please take a moment to do so now.

This link should take you to your survey recovery, though check your email from three days ago when I sent the most recent reminder.

As you complete the survey you'll have the opportunity to add the various decks like Famous Gladiators. Our print cost jumped with all the improvements we made (Arena Action Deck from 50 to 100 cards, etc.), so please consider some of these add-ons!

Remember, we added a new deck since most of you completed your surveyRule... the first Legendary Gladiator (see below).

You can see the rulebook sitting on top of the sheet of 81 heavy-duty counters.
You can see the rulebook sitting on top of the sheet of 81 heavy-duty counters.

Legendary Gladiator

Persus, the Curse of Thanatos, is the first Legendary Gladiator, and he's coming home from the printer too. He's not available for pre-order on BackerKit, but he is available directly from us on the Nocturnal Media website. Order now and we'll add him to your fulfillment shipment for no additional shipping fee. I appreciate everyone's leap of faith regarding GQR — I believe you're going to be very pleased!

GQR Ships to the USA Next Week
over 6 years ago – Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 08:31:59 PM

GQR Game Box on the Press
GQR Game Box on the Press

Great news! GQR finishes at press early this coming week and then ships immediately to the USA. I won't have an estimate of the slow-boat transit time until I know which boat it's on, but I will update you as soon as I am able.

We're very excited to get this game into your hands. I believe there's the makings of a classic game here.

GQR Legendary Deck
GQR Legendary Deck

New Legendary Gladiator Deck

We recently redesigned the Nocturnal Media website and now have our own online store. One item that may be of particular interest is an extra deck we added to our press run at the last moment — the first Legendary Gladiator Deck.

Persus, the Curse of Thanatos, is the first legendary gladiator. Where Famous Gladiators have an historical basis, Legendary Gladiators are fictional warriors, and they are without peer, capable of fighting two or even three Primus Palus at one time. This 19-card expansion deck includes one character card and then nine each new Legendary Attack and Defend cards. This is a stand-alone deck — that is, the Legendary Attack and Defend cards are not added to any other GQR deck. Persus uses only these new cards!

Through Cyber Monday you can pre-order this deck and I'll add it to your GQR fulfillment shipment at no additional shipping charge. Because of the way our online store operates (i.e. shipping is added to every item), we're achieving this by cutting the price of this new deck from $11.99 to $5.99. You'll then have a "shipping fee" added, but this should result in a price that's less than the $11.99 for the deck itself. Effectively, that's free shipping.

Gunman's Law Sale

Shortly before he designed Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis. Jim Trunzo designed Gunman's Law. We have a limited number of the first edition of this game available and have marked these down to half-price for the Black Friday thru Cyber Monday weekend. At only about $6 to ship, you can receive the complete printed game for less than $30.

King Arthur Pendragon Sale

Some of you back our GQR project in order to receive great discounts on King Arthur Pendragon products. You may recall the only KAP product not on sale at the time was the brand-new Book of the Warlord. Well, now is your opportunity to add this book to your collection at a shopping weekend discount too! Through Cyber Monday, Book of the Warlord PDF is available for $19.99.

Finally... Talislanta

I'd be remiss to not also remind you that we have a project currently on Kickstarter to fund a graphic novel to a prequel setting to the classic Talislanta RPG. The project will offer a Cyber Monday-only special $10 pledge reward to receive access to the webcomic. If you're interested, I encourage you to make a $1 "placeholder" pledge to the project so you'll receive notice of the special pledge option.

We've Received Production Samples
almost 7 years ago – Sat, Nov 07, 2015 at 05:36:46 PM

Everything except the rulebook...!
Everything except the rulebook...!

Great news! We've received production samples of GQR... and everything looks amazing! It's all photographed above (except the rulebook, which I forgot to set out, though there wasn't really room for it anyway).

You can see many more pictures at the Nocturnal Media website and even more pictures in our webstore where we're still taking pre-orders. (Note the pre-order price is still a slight bargain at $75 with US shipping included).

As you can see from the website blog, your GQR is even bigger and better than when you pledged your support. The board is bigger, there are more counters, and the Arena Action Deck is doubled to 100 cards.

Thanks for your support. More news soon!

P.S. Don't forget we have an amazing roleplaying game project currently live on Kickstarter. Our English translation of Aquelarre is funded and we've just hit our second stretch goal that adds more material to the main game book. Please take a look and lend a hand. Even your $1 pledge will help the project meet a backer goal that will give free dice to those who pledge for physical product!

We've Gone to Press!
almost 7 years ago – Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 02:13:01 PM

GQR is officially at press!

I've also posted the updated rulebook (incorporating changes based on a lot of helpful comments from you) on DTRPG. The link there is still private, so please send me a message if you'd like to download the rules. If you've already downloaded them, then you should receive a message about the available update.

This press date is about a month behind the schedule I anticipated, but it's simply because we took a LOT time with the rulebook overhaul. We're also incorporating a number of additional changes, like we've made the game board bigger to accommodate tracking bars on the sides to make it easier to see your and your opponents' current status.

These changes along with making the Arena Action Deck a full 100 cards are all to your benefit!

The Special GQR News is LQR2

I promised the back cover of the rulebook would have something fun... well, it's the first announcement of an expansion for GQR. Take your game beyond the gladiators and operate a lanista in Lanista: Quest for the Rudis II!

That's a clipping of the rulebook notice above. We'll launch a project for this expansion sometime after you have GQR in your hands.

Our New Kickstarter!

We've launched a new Kickstarter for a fantastic roleplaying game, Aquelarre. If you're a roleplayer then I hope you'll take a look. Aquelarre is a classic Spanish RPG that will hopefully receive an English translation by virtue of our new project. Thanks for spreading the word too!